Art Colony 7-03 Work in progress


Geometry, color and repeat patterns are the subject matter for my paintings, inspired by the Bau Haus masters of Germany and the California Modernist designers and architects of the early twentieth century. Sweeping curves, planes and angles- minimal, repeat patterns defined with crisp lines and bold, primary colors become composition themes for my color field paintings.

Over the past ten years, my work has become equally inspired by two new factors: landscape studies, of trees, plants and flowers, especially the symmetry and geometric patterns of bamboo groves; palm fronds spiraling away from the trunk; the crescent shapes of iris leaves carpeting the ground; and aerial views of the geography below, while flying to and from my destinations.

This inspiration began while flying over California's San Joaquin Valley, then Wisconsin's Midwest farm lands, and finally while flying over Central America, observing the geometric patterns of crops and interlocking farm lands. Drawings on air sickness bags and water colors became studies for organic-inspired, geometric paintings, back in my studio, whether here in Los Angeles, or in San Jose, Costa Rica."